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Powerful Green Carpet Cleaner

A Powerful Green Pre-Spray – nanoMAXX

green pre-spray

People love the idea of GREEN. Unfortunately, in the past, green has never been able to deliver on cleaning performance promises. Now with nanoMAXX, green will not only meet your expectations but exceed them! So just imagine no more worrying about your health or the health of children at the daycare you clean or anywhere else. Now, finally you can really have both — a safe, powerful green pre-spray and multi-surface cleaner.

How can it be safe AND clean so well? Great question. Size matters and in this case small matters. Welcome to the revolutionary new world of microemulsions and nano-scale technology. The result of this exciting scientific advancement is nanoMAXX, a remarkable product that ushers in a new era in safe green cleaning technology. nanoMAXX is the culmination of advanced developments in colloidal chemistry which make it possible to produce a microscopic particle called a micelle. The micelle is comprised of a collection of linear molecules or fatty esters and fatty acids, clumped together in the shape of a sphere that is about the size of 20 hydrogen atoms, or about one to four nanometers. For perspective, a human hair is 80,000 nanometers thick; a red blood cell covers 10,000 nanometers; a virus measures 100 nanometers across. nanoMAXX is 1 to 4 nanometers. This ultra-small size chemistry enters the realm of quantum physics and thus its remarkable results. While hazardous chemicals with larger molecules struggle on the surface nanoMAXX and its ultra-small particles are able to “work their way in” and penetrate much faster, providing you better and much safer cleaning results.

Our anti-allergen formula makes cleaning a no-worry event.

These tiny micelles possess the power and capability to break down organic molecules and hydrocarbons. They are the workhorses behind nanoMAXX’s effectiveness as a cleaning, emulsifying, degreasing and encapsulating agent. What is equally as exciting is that nanoMAXX is a true “green” product, made from extracts of corn, grain, soybeans, potatoes, coconut and palm, all on the list of FDA approved GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) and EAFUS (Everything Added to Food in the United States) food stocks and food additives.

nanoMAXX is a viscous, amber colored, colloidal liquid, made available in a highly-concentrated form. It is not a soap or cleaner in the conventional sense. It is bio-based, and also bio-degradable, meeting the definition stipulated in Section 9002 of FSRIA (the Farm Bill of 2002), “Biobased products are commercial or industrial products that are composed, in whole or significant part, of biological products or renewable domestic agricultural materials.”

Considered non-toxic to humans, animals or plant life, nanoMAXX qualifies for a zero (0) U.S. government OSHA rating as a non-hazardous product.  Even overexposure will not result in adverse effects from swallowing, skin absorption, skin contact, eye contact and inhalation. nanoMAXX contains no polyethylene glycols, benzene, triclosan or other chemicals, being blended, as stated, from FDA approved food stocks, yet its cleaning effectiveness equals or surpasses almost any detergent, cleaner or soap in the global marketplace today. Despite all its unique and remarkable qualities, nanoMAXX is surprisingly economical to use, offering product and labor savings of up to 50% in cleaning cycle time.

Just 1 quart of nanoMAXX is equal to two gallons of encap cleaner so it takes up less space, costs less to purchase and ship, and is more powerful, and it will also reduce your cleaning time up to 50%, saving you even more money. nanoMAXX is the ultimate green clean! nanoMAXX delivers unrivaled cleaning performance, is incredibly human and planet safe and is more economical with dilutions that are very effective at only 1oz per gallon in cold water.

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