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I did some fun testing with two other products. One was a green encap that works very well, the other is not an encap but many people use it as an encap. Both the others were at 4 oz per gallon. The green encap says between 2-8 oz per gallon, but 2 oz was never enough for me. NanoMaxx was at 1 oz. I took a light green microfiber cloth that was well used. Cut it in three panels. Treated all three with ballpoint pen ink, permanent marker, espresso, chai tea concentrate and raspberry jam. I let them all dry. Then placed them in the three solutions. First round with no agitation. Then, second round with agitation. Lastly, let them dry naturally over night. In each round, the NanoMaxx was the clear winner, followed by the green encap, and the non-encap last. With the NanoMax ballpoint pen ink was the only one that came out 100%. The coffee and tea was almost completely gone. again, the best of the three. The permanent ink was at 50% for the NanoMaxx and green encap. The non-encap made no difference to this one. The color of the microfiber was so much more vibrant. Really apparent. Lastly after they dried, the non-encap was the stiffest. Almost rough. The green encap was better but still stiff. The NanoMaxx was was soft and my wife noted luxurious. Fun experiment! Again, just was just fun, not scientific. It’s minus 22 here, so playing around.

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