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I’ll test nanoMAXX tonight at Serramonte Mall in Daly City… there’s 12 seating areas of carpet throughout the mall, enjoyed by respective

ethnic groups from dawn to dark… old men that come to sit, and visit all day… near the food court challenging spills… 50,000 people visit every day, more at the Holidays… I start at 8 pm tonight.

Back at the Mall to inspect my work… this product is amazing… normally, the first night I can clean 6 of the 12 seated areas in 8 hours… last night I did 8 of them plus a 4300 sf carpet outside the Target store in 7 hours… ran out of clean finish bonnets! I’m back today to take dry after pictures. I used about 1.8 – 1.8 gallons total of mixed solution per 800 sf. Dry times very rapid! This stuff cuts through embedded soil faster than anything I’ve ever used. A couple before and after… I used 4 oz in my 3 gallon prespray containers.

I’ve never had another product, and I’ve beta tested a lot of them in years past, cut through crud like NanoMAXX does… or as quickly… this is my new go to… no oxidizes used above… didn’t need them with NanoMAXX, always boosted my prespray in the past here using “ old school cleaners”, lol.

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