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NanoMaxx is doing amazing things with upholstery cleaning. For encapping (we ONLY encap), we typically we use 1 – 2 scoops of Radical Rinse depending on soil load on our lounge work agitated with a Cyclo Orbital with soft gray brushes and finished with microfibre towels. Great results, faster, better and more economical than anything else we’ve tried in the past. Adding Omega to that for fragrance and increased performance is also a favourite mix. BUT NanoMaxx is kicking that to the curb. Greasy soils from pets and hair product on headrests simply melts it away before we even touch it. For best results we mist No Rinse Spotter and/or Oxy with the NanoMaxx. Faster and better results than ever. Unbelievable! We’re hooked and can’t wait for the official release. NanoMaxx is a genuine game changer. Great work John!

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